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Aviation / Airport

Aviation / Airport

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All Aviation Services are provided within the realm of the Patriot Act, TSA, CBP and aviation authorities and in compliance of all laws, requirements and security levels. We offer customized solutions to satisfy each customer's needs, that is why WHOLE SECURITY S.A.C. AND THE ENTIRE GROUP have specialized in Airport/Aviation Security Services consisting in:

  • Unarmed Uniformed Security Officers.
  • Aircraft Search Inspection.
  • AOA Security Officer (Ramp Access Control).
  • Catering Inspection (Food, Equipment, Duty Free, Liquors, Custody).
  • Cargo Inspection.
  • Baggage Escort.
  • Baggage Control (Ramp Control).
  • Gate Check's Control.
  • No Fly List Clearance Process.
  • Customs Inbound and Outbound Gen Dec's Clearance.
  • Passenger Service Assistants (Wheelchair, UM'S, YP'S, VIP'S Escort).
  • Aircraft Access Control.
  • Warehouse Cargo Security.
  • Profiling and ID-control of Passengers.
  • Access Control Devices.
  • X - Rays Inspection.
WHOLE SECURITY S.A.C. Specialized Airport Service

We are part of the
international security group
With Allied Companies in:

We are part of the international security group With Allied Companies in USA, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador y Perú

Lima Cargo City
Av. Elmer Faucett No 2823
oficina 208
(puerta oficina en sector 1)
Callao, Lima - Perú

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